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Chondell Le Land of Ranch House Kitchen on Wanda Gardner and Rahim Staten

Welcome to Front & Center, a series highlighting front of the house professionals in Las Vegas restaurants. Right now, Chondell Le Land of Ranch House Kitchen at Town Square on server Wanda Gardner and bartender Rahim Staten:

Wanda is a confident and knowledgeable server, a team player, and a lot of fun. Wanda is able to make each guest's experience a pleasurable one. She takes time to talk to the guests about their day and cares about the small extra details that make the experience not just good, but noteworthy. She knows the menu inside and out and can even suggest the proper selections or modifications for those with dietary restrictions. She can always be found at the table making sure the guests feel well-attended. Comments about Wanda include: Amazing! Awesome! and Excellent!

Rahim has a warm, inviting smile and the ability to make each customer feel like he is there just for them. He attracts return customers by remembering their food and drink orders from previous visits, and asks if they would like "the usual." Guests are surprised and delighted by this and they feel important. He has a positive attitude, when situations get stressful he stays calm, pleasant and friendly so the guests and staff continue to have a good experience.
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Ranch House Kitchen [Photo: Susan Stapleton]

Ranch House Kitchen

6593 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV