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Marla Nini on Christalyn Grier Otis at PBR Rock

Welcome to Front & Center, a series highlighting front of the house professionals in Las Vegas restaurants. Right now, Marla Nini of PBR Rock Bar & Grill at the Miracle Mile Shops on Christalyn Grier Otis:

Christalyn is not only is she an amazing server, but she is an exceptional team player. Guests always return just for her, and all co-workers always know she's willing to help them out when they're overloaded. If she's in a bad or slow section, she'll spend all her time helping run food without making any tips and without a single complaint. When it's slow, while other servers talk in side stations, she'll be out front helping promote the venue to get people in and trying to get our greeters smiling and motivated.

The reasons she stands out the most...

· She loves giving guests guidance during their visit to Vegas, from shopping to sightseeing.

· Every morning, I know when she's here because I hear her very loud, beautiful and perky voice bright and early at 7 a.m. No matter what, she checks any baggage at the door and aims to cheer everyone up with positive inspiration, and it works.

· When guests ride the bull, she makes a wonderful scene and everyone loves it; blowing her whistle, cheering and hollering for all to hear. She is the only employee who does this and it's amazing.

· When a guest has a birthday, she is also the only employee who goes all out. Normally, you'd never know if a table had a birthday unless the server asks for a birthday shot or dessert. With Christalyn, you'll always know because she'll come out of the kitchen, dessert in hand, cheering and yelling all the way to the table. Then she yells, loudly introducing the birthday guest to the dining room and stirring the whole venue up so much so, that all the other tables end up cheering and clapping for her guest as well. Again, she's the only one who takes this initiative when it's not asked of her and it truly makes a world of a difference.
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PBR Rock Bar & Grill [Photo: Courtesy]

PBR Rock Bar & Grill

3663 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV