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3 Restaurant Critics Simultaneously Descend on Eat

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Apparently Vegas' three restaurant critics all had Eat on their minds at the same time. Blogger and future television star John Curtas, Vegas Seven's Max Jacobson and Curtas' future Travel Channel TV star sidekick and City Life restaurant critic Al Mancini all descended on the new breakfast and lunch spot that JUST OPENED on Saturday, probably to the chagrin of chef Natalie Young.

Curtas says the convergence was completely unplanned, "but speaks to how much we three think of both the chef and the concept."

The early word from Curtas: "Great design, a with-it vibe, really good food and a passionate, local chef?.what could go wrong? Very little from where we're sitting."
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From left: Al Mancini, John Curtas, chef Piero Selvaggio of Valentino and Max Jacobson. [Photo: Eating Las Vegas]


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707 Carson St., Las Vegas, NV

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