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Mind-Blowing Scoops on Gordon Ramsay's Flame Burger

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Caesars Entertainment sent these renderings to some Total Rewards members in July to get their opinion on a new Gordon Ramsay burger concept. Now they are the look of Gordon Ramsay's coming Flame Burger.
Caesars Entertainment sent these renderings to some Total Rewards members in July to get their opinion on a new Gordon Ramsay burger concept. Now they are the look of Gordon Ramsay's coming Flame Burger.
[Photos: Total Rewards via Five Hundy by Midnight]

Cleverly hidden behind plywood currently promoting Planet Hollywood Resort's Spice Market Buffet sits Gordon Ramsay's third Vegas concept, a $2.5 million burger joint dubbed Flame Burger. Yesterday Eater Vegas broke the news about the newest restaurant from the shouty chef, and now more details about the look and feel of the space have emerged.

The 5,660-square-foot project that sits near the north entrance to the resort behind the Extra Lounge and wraps around to the Miracle Mile Shops will ultimately be partially open to the casino floor. Guests will be enticed by a "Flame Burger Company" sign affixed to a still-in-creation "flame-effect wall," constructed with cool-to-touch tempered glass.

Staff at the host counter will allow guests to choose between three areas inside. The bar, where diners sit on stools, faces a back lit "orange flame" laminated glass with stepped levels of glowing, frosted bottles and three large TVs. Beside the bar, an open lounge area has tall, round bar tables and chairs. There is a further option of sitting at a counter, where guests can watch their burgers prepared in the open kitchen. The main dining area is filled with more traditional chairs and long banquettes.

The stools wrapped in red vinyl with a faux-snake texture sit on metallic stands with footrests. High dining chairs have a small backrest and the same red coverings. Eggshell colored quartz-stone tops round bar tables and regular tables, while dining chairs in the main room are finished in a light creme metallic finish, but continue the same textured finish. One section is divided by a back-to-back pair of long, yellow vinyl banquettes inlayed with a dark brown wooden wave accent.

Two 360-degree, self-serve keg stations sit on either end side of the banquettes with five beer serving taps per side, Ramsay's twist on a soda fountain. Close by, a glass room is filled with vertically stacked kegs, again fronting the logo "Flame Burger Company."

The beer taps are back lit, as are many of the design structures in the room. TVs are abundant. A 65-inch plasma TV will display flaming visual content, while smaller TVs hang from the ceiling and are mounted on the back of the bar.

An undulating, wavy effect for the ceiling is created from dozens of different width aluminum beams. Metallics are common, but low key. Weathered antique bronze and satin nickel lights hang down. Faux-aged iron finishes adorn other pieces. But like the ceiling, the look is neither industrial nor dark.

Mounted by the entrance, digital menus, but customers will have access to electronic menu pads inside. Systems are already in place to stop them from being stolen by guests, a necessity lacking from Ramsay's more upmarket Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas, where iPad menus are even more abundant.

Dark brown, yellow and warm, white paints dominate the main room. The floor is created with sections of curved red, off-white and yellow concrete, except don't call it yellow. Curry or mustard is their color-key language. A similar tinged tile is used on the kitchen walls. Ketchup, mustard and burger brown colors abound, a sunny design disposition that is almost hard to associate with the Gordon Ramsay brand.

The "Flame Burger" logo currently vanquishes Ramsay from the name of the restaurant, a decision that will probably change before the unannounced 2013 opening date. Planet Hollywood Resort sees Ramsay as "consistent with the Planet Hollywood 'hip' branding," a generous over-estimation of their worth as a Strip brand leader. This summer saw the loss of both their original musical production Surf the Musical and Holly Madison, current celebrity star of the burlesque production Peepshow, although reality star Coco of Ice Loves Coco fame was just announced as a replacement. By merely walking in the door, Ramsay instantly becomes the most recognizable and bankable focus on the property and for the foreseeable future.
—Bradley Martin
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