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Now Henderson Can Mix N Mac Their Noodles

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[Photos: Julio Castillo]

There is a reason why macaroni and cheese is such a comfort food to so many people. Familiar, easy to make and easy to mix? It is this concept that Las Vegas-native Sean Mackey, owner and chef of Mix N Mac, thought of when opening his new restaurant. "You know, people do that at home, mix it with brown beef or you know, bacon."

Mix N Mac specializes in unconventional twists on "macaroni and cheese." Mackey experimented with the idea at his brother's restaurant by offering a special — macaroni and cheese mixed with bacon, spinach or jalapeños. "It kind of evolved from there and got creative. Whatever you put in there tastes pretty good."

Menu options include custom mac and cheese, where patrons can choose their noodle type, size, toppers and mix n's. These inventive mix n's range from Chorizo to crawfish and even vegetarian sausage, with toppers like Doritos and corn tortillas, to mix in with your noodles, so no customer could ever become bored here.

Special macs are available as well, including the more popular spicy mac, which contains pepper jack cheese, hot Links and jalapeños and the pizza mac, a meat lover's pizza with pepperoni, bacon and ground beef combined in macaroni instead of on bread. Mackey's personal favorite is the chili mac, homemade chili mixed with macaroni and cheese, and then baked.

Feeling overwhelmed by the heavy calorie load? Sandwiches and salads are available, although, the well-liked options consist of the twisted grilled cheese and the brisket sandwich. One customer loved the brisket so much, he asked if he could mix the brisket in with mac n cheese, and Mackey said yes. "If we have the ingredients, we will do it" Mackey explained about the lack of limit on mixing ingredients with the cheesy pasta. "Almost everything in there kind of works. I've never tried something that didn't work."
— Agnes Poliquiin
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