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So Nice They Named It Twice at Taco Taco

Address: 3430 E. Tropicana Ave.
Phone: 702-307-1571
Website: Taco Taco Mexican Eatery
Status: Opens today

Perhaps one of the simplest Mexican menus opens today when Taco Taco Mexican Eatery makes its debut.

Only four items make the menu. Look for burritos, tacos, gran tacos and a bowl, described a "just like a burrito with no tortilla served in a bowl.

Each comes with a choice of meat. Each goes for inexpensive prices from $2 for tacos to $6.25 for a bowl.
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Taco Taco Mexican Eatery [Photo: Twitter]

Taco Taco Mexican Eatery

3430 E. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV