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Chris Herrin Says He May Close Bread & Butter

Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Photo: Flickr

Sad news for fans of Bread & Butter in Henderson. Owner Chris Herrin reports he may close the bakery that even made the Eating Las Vegas: The 50 Essential Restaurants of Las Vegas 2013 edition.

Herrin posted on Facebook that he's facing issues running back and forth between Bread & Butter and Meat & Three, his newest Southern-cafeteria style restaurant nearby.

Here's his full statement, unedited, from Facebook.

Breaking News for all in the Food Community at some point in 2013 we will be closing Bread and Butter as its currant format!
What I can say is we will take it one day at a time and enjoy every moment possible, and make the best possible food we can, up until the day we re-format.
Everyone has been so supportive of everything we do the friends we have made over the last year has been so awesome I love going out to the grocery store, and meeting so many people that come into the bakery that a five minute trip always turns into a 30 minute chat and i love it. I am just afraid that if we dont do something we will never hit our full potential.
From the first month we opened this location we just could not handle the volume of product we put out without a kitchen, working on induction burners, panini machines and couple tiny little pizza ovens is a nightmare for employees, and customers.
Here are the thoughts:
1.Turn Bread and Butter into a Bakery/Coffee hangout and move the food to Meat and 3, maybe turn that spot into Bread and Butter "Lunch and Dinner" do a combo menu between the two places.
2.find a third location for a full breakfast/lunch joint where we could do pancakes, french toast, crepes, sandwiches, soup, salads
3. sell everything and let someone else battle the good fight on this location and re-open somewhere else
4. Move to Belize and sell croissants on the beach
What I can say is that no matter what goes down it has been a great experience, a great educating, and many great friendships. the goal from day one was to open a little hole in the wall filled with the spirit of a great Las Vegas/Henderson community a place where you can come in to a smiling face, and enjoy a warm and fuzzy hug from the baker

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