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Chris Herrin: Bread & Butter May Become 'Just a Bakery'

So what was up with Chris Herrin's Facebook post yesterday where he essentially said his Henderson pastry and sandwich shop Bread & Butter would close soon?

Al Mancini talked to Herrin, who says the kitchen is just too small, even leading to "some accidents in recent weeks." Herrin says his choices boil down to repurposing the space into just a bakery or finding a bigger home.

"But he insists it's the commitment of time, not making the rent, that has him re-thinking this space," Mancini writes.

As for his new restaurant Meat & Three, Herrin may open only three days a week with pop-up dinners from guest chefs since the Southern-style cafeteria isn't busy enough to justify the Herrin's time commitment.

Of course, Herrin offered to sell Bread & Butter for $300,000 back in September on Craigslist, or $500,000 with the chef.
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