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Everything You Need To Know About the First 4 Episodes of Restaurant Express

Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine
Photo: Food Network

Coming up with a restaurant concept in six hours? Pitching a new restaurant to a small town? Revitalizing a restaurant in 24 hours with $5,000? A concession stand with food favorites? Well, yes, all will be part of the challenges the nine contestants on Restaurant Express face when the show starts airing Nov. 3. Host Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible takes the contestants through a series of hoops over seven episodes on the Food Network show with one winning an opportunity to open their own restaurant at the M Resort.

The first episode starts in Las Vegas with nine chefs, one bus and eight beds. Dubbed "Vegas Meltdown," the episode features the contestants pitching themselves and their concepts before one is ousted.

Here's a look at the press release revealing what happens in the first four episodes in November.

Chef Robert Irvine heads to Las Vegas to give nine chefs a chance at fulfilling their lifelong dream of launching a restaurant in Sin City in new series, Restaurant Express. Over the course of seven episodes the chefs will visit different cities and locations travelling aboard the Restaurant Express bus, competing in challenges that test their culinary skills and business savvy as potential restaurateurs. After each challenge Robert will review their performances, with one chef being eliminated each episode. The final contestant standing wins an opportunity to help launch and become the executive chef of a restaurant at the M Resort Spa Casino, just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip.
Premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 9pm - "Vegas Meltdown"
Robert Irvine welcomes the nine chefs and aspiring restaurateurs to Las Vegas as they come aboard the Restaurant Express bus. Right away the contestants realize there are only eight beds on the bus as they must pitch themselves and their dream restaurant concept to Robert. One chef's vision comes up short as they fail to make it aboard and are left behind as the journey begins. For the next challenge, the competitors are charged with creating a restaurant with only $500 and six hours before they'll be serving a hungry crowd of 250 people. The challenge is all about profit, and Robert tells the contestants that the bottom three earners will have to face him in a review. Robert decides which other contestant will be sent home with the remaining seven one step closer to their dream.
Premiering Sunday, November 10th at 9pm - "Tantrum in Temecula"
The Restaurant Express bus arrives in Temecula, Calif., a small, upscale town with plenty of restaurants. Robert wants to test the chefs' market knowledge and tasks them to discover what's missing on the local restaurant scene. They must propose to Robert and the mayor a new restaurant that they think could be successful in the town, and the contestant with the best pitch gains an advantage going into the main challenge. Robert then tells the chefs that they will now test their restaurant ideas on the local community at a lunch fair. The bottom three profit earners have to face off in the review with Robert, who will decide which contestant no longer has a spot on the bus.
Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 9pm - "Express: Impossible"
The Restaurant Express bus arrives in Los Angeles, and Robert explains that the remaining six contestants will divide into two teams of three. In a tribute to Restaurant: Impossible, each team is given 24 hours and $5,000 to revitalize two struggling restaurants. Robert will dine at each establishment with two visiting critics to determine which team has done a better job. The losing team will face Robert in the review as he determines which contestant will be sent home based on their contributions
Premiering Sunday, November 24th at 9pm - "Battle by the Beach"
The Restaurant Express bus arrives at the iconic Balboa Pier in the ocean community of Newport Beach, Calif., as Robert gives the remaining five contestants their challenge. Every good restaurant has something that stands out, so the best way to test this is to open a concession stand! The chefs need to make the same three food items with their own flare and produce a 30-second commercial to advertise their boardwalk concession stand. Robert decides which concession stand has not lived up to its potential, and one chef is left by the side of the road as the bus pulls away for its next destination.

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