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Krave Owner Denied Access to Club by Judge

Krave Massive and Drink & Drag Lounge
Krave Massive and Drink & Drag Lounge
Photo: Bradley Martin

The legal troubles don't get any easier for Kelly Murphy, the owner of Krave Massive and Drink & Drag Lounge inside Neonopolis. The state shuttered Krave in August after the nightclub didn't have a sales tax permit. Then Drink & Drag Lounge shuttered after Murphy allegedly sold it for $1.1 million to Matthew Greffen/Tyler Caiden and the city denied him a tavern license. Now comes word that a district judge has denied Murphy access to his personal property inside the nightclubs. Murphy claims to have $500,000 in personal property in the clubs.

Wirrulla LLC filed an eviction notice against Phantom Entertainment and Murphy on Oct. 7, five days after the City Council denied a tavern license for both nightclubs.
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Krave Massive

450 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV