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Here's the Nacho Dude & Full Menu at Nacho Daddy

Nacho Daddy Downtown
Nacho Daddy Downtown
Photo: Bradley Martin

Don't be confused by the neon scorpion sign outside the less than a week old Nacho Daddy. It's a hangover from the previous Thai restaurant tenant. The "American Grill with Mexican flair" has added their Nacho Daddy neon logo and above a sliding window, a self-explanatory red neon "To Go" sign.

Inside the downtown expansion of the Henderson favorite, the spartan urban loft space is ready to serve a 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. menu and until 2 a.m. on weekends. Obvious choices of burritos and enchiladas join novelties such as chicken fried steak nachos for breakfast, tofu tacos for lunch or kale salad for dinner. A whole portion of the menu is given over to vegan choices.

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, recently relocated his company from their Henderson offices to downtown's City Hall. A Nacho Daddy silent partner, he's banking on his colleagues taking advantage of the new three-block distance to sating their nacho fix.

Nacho%20Daddy%2010-1-2013%202.jpgNacho Daddy Downtown [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Tucked in one corner you'll find the Nacho Daddy mascot. Their rectangular bar with eight HDTVs has already attracted early morning regulars. Still to come, 401-square-feet of outdoor seating created in the adjacent alley.


Breakfast Nachos
Chorizo nachos $8.95
Chicken fried steak nachos $8.95

Skillet Scrambles
Chorizo skillet $8.95
"Gringo" skillet $8.95
Huevos rancheros skillet $8.95

Breakfast Burritos
Chorizo burrito $7
Ranchero burrito $7
Sausage burrito $7

Grande Breakfast Tacos
Bacon and egg taco $5.50
Anaheim Taco (Anaheim green chiles) $5.50

Daddy's Breakfast Sandwich $9.95
Mexican Pancakes "Yes Mexican" $8.95

Grilled Mexican corn on the cob $4.95
Guacamole & chips $8.95
Bottomless chips & salsa $3.50
Queso dip $7.95
Street tacos 3 for $6.50
Cerviche $10.95
Daddy's wings 6 for $6.95
Quesadilla $6.95 Add grilled chicken for $3, steak for $4

Daddy's Supreme Tacos
$6.95 each

Veggie wrap $9.95
Chicken salad wrap $9.95

Nacho Average Burger nacho $8.95
Buffalo hot nacho $9.95
Supreme tostada nacho $12.95
BBQ pulled pork nacho $9.95
BBQ chicken nacho $9.95

Marinated shredded chicken $9.95
Marinated pork $9.95
Seasoned ground beef $9.95
Three cheese blend $9.95

Chicken $9.95
Steak $9.95
Shredded pork $9.95

Served with fries on a brioche bun.
Big Daddy burger $9.95
Street burger $9.95

Fajita salad $9.95
Mexi-Cobb salad $6.95 Add grilled chicken $3

French fries $3
Mixed green salad $3
Mexican rice $2.25
Black beans $2.25
Chips and salsa $2.95

Vegan Menu:
Vegan nacho $13.95
Vegan tofu nacho $12.95

Street Tacos
Cajun tofu street tacos $6
Mango guacamole street tacos $6

Tex Mex $10.95
Spicy tofu burrito $8.95

Fajita tofu salad $8.95
Mexi-Cobb salad $8.95
Southwestern kale salad $8.95
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Nacho Daddy

113 Fourth St., Las Vegas, NV