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Ex-Heart Attack Grill Hostess Recorded Passed Out Customer To Send to the Media

Jon Basso and some of his nurses at Heart Attack Grill
Jon Basso and some of his nurses at Heart Attack Grill
Photo: Susan Stapleton

A former Heart Attack Grill hostess hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit to answer any and all questions about the controversial burger joint and its menu. The burger joint inside Neonopolis touts a Quadruple Bypass Burger packing a walloping 9,982 calories, lard fat fries, buttercream milkshakes. and free meals for anyone who weighs more than 350 pounds.

One commenter asked about the craziest thing that happened while she worked there. Her response? Yes, she was asked to film a man who passed out at the restaurant in hopes that the incident would make the evening news.

Everyday something crazy happened. It's downtown Vegas. Drunks are everywhere. But I would say the most shocking would be in summer 2012, it was a hot day (obviously) and an older couple came in to eat. At one point, the man passed out. I heard him knock onto the hard ground. We had to call an ambulance. A manager made me take out my cell phone to record a video of the whole thing, so they could send it to the media. It was on a Friday afternoon, and he hoped it would make the news so they could have a busy weekend. The food may or may not have been responsible for what happened to that man.

While that specific incident did not make headlines. two others have, both involving patrons who had heart attacks while dining there.

That specific case did not. But, they did make the news on two different occasions last year for people having Heart Attacks inside the establishment. For both cases, the people were drinking, smokers, and generally unhealthy. Their incidents most likely occurred from that, but the fact the incidents happened inside the restaurant is why it got media attention.

Nearly two weeks ago, owner Jon Basso went on Bloomberg to show off the cremated remains of a customer who allegedly died at the restaurant.
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