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Dustin Rixey, Executive Chef at Strip House

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This is 10 Things You Didn't Know About?, where Eater Vegas talks to the fine chefs of Las Vegas to get some dirt on everything interesting their lives. Know an interesting chef? The tipline is open.

Dustin%20Rixey%2010-18-13.jpgDustin Rixey [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

Dustin Rixey spent his boyhood summers in the family garden of New Mexico. Food didn't find him quickly. First he spent a few years in Vail, Colo., as a snow boarder sponsored by K2 and Quicksilver. Then he returned to New Mexico, where he was a member of the opening team at the Hyatt Tamaya as a sous chef at the Corn Maiden. After two years Rixey was on to his next adventure at Clementine, a boutique restaurant and bar in Greenwich Village. From there, he moved on to Nectar at the Bellagio. Now the snowboarder-cum-chef is the executive chef at Strip House at Planet Hollywood Resort. Here he shares his two jobs before getting in the kitchen, his thriller hobbies and more.

1. I was once a professional snow boarder.

2. I temporarily went on the vegan diet in 2010.    

3. I love spicy food — my favorite dish is my mom's green chili chicken enchiladas.

4. For a little over a year, I worked on Wall Street for Morgan Stanley Investment Banking in the private client service department.

5. Rock climbing is a hobby of mine. My favorite spot in Las Vegas is Red Rock National Park.

6. Another interesting hobby I have is fly fishing.

7. I served in the United States Army from 1989 to 1991 and worked as a combat mechanic.

8. I have a Jeep that I like to take out four-wheel driving.

9. I started skateboarding as a kid and have continued doing so to this day. I know some old school lip tricks in the half pipe.

10. I lost 50 pounds.
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Strip House

3667 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV