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Win the Le Creuset Cornucopia

It is approaching that lovely time of year when your family descends on your house for a free Thanksgiving dinner, your mother-in-law inevitably critiques your cooking, and you're left with all of the dirty dishes. Well, for one lucky reader, we're going to make sure you love those dishes.

How? We're giving away a Le Creuset Cornucopia. You can win:

• The ultimate cast iron set from Le Creuset which includes three sizes of french ovens, a braiser, a sauce pan, and their signature skillet.
$500 worth of cookware at the Epicurious Store so you can put your cooking curoisity to work.
$200 from to make sure that you fill those new cast iron gems with a whole new level of cooking.

Your family will want to do those dishes for you. Click to enter now. >>