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Krave Resurrects Itself at the TW Theater Nov. 1

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Surprise! So Krave's shutter didn't last long. Now comes word that the gay nightclub will re-emerge, this time at the TW Theater & Nightclub operated by magician Tommy Wind.

Former Krave owner from its days at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort Sia Amiri claimed he now owned the nightclub (again) during a City Council meeting where he attempted to keep the liquor license for the joint. The state shut down the Krave Massive version of the club at Neonopolis in August after discovering it had no state sales tax permit. That location remains closed.

Amiri and embattled owner Kelly Murphy filed for bankruptcy on the original Krave in 2010, and Murphy scooped up the remainders of the club in an auction to pay off lenders.

At the time, Krave listed assets of $153,416 against liabilities of $3.5 million — including $485,000 owed to the Nevada Department of Taxation and Division of Industrial Relations for sales, entertainment and unemployment taxes and about $601,000 owed to the IRS for payroll taxes.

Krave Massive opened after massive delays back in June.

Now Amiri plans to resurrect the club inside the TW Theater, formerly known as the Empire Ballroom and nightclub Utopia and briefly reopened as the Boulevard Theater.

"Despite minority partner Downtown Project's alleged intention to buy the club from Phantom, Amiri's announcement reveals he has acquired 'the Krave trade name, databases, domains and other related items' from Phantom, adding via e-mail that he is now the 'sole owner' of the enterprise," Las Vegas Weekly reports.

The 20,000-square-foot nightclub features an upstairs patio and a VIP lounge overlooking the dance floor.

What's not clear is whether Amiri will need to get a liquor license, run with the former temporary license used by Krave Massive or piggyback on the license at TW Theater. The new incarnation opens Nov. 1 and only entertains on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday to start.

While the new version of Krave claims to be under "new ownership," Mister Scandal gossips that Murphy has been spotted at the new location without divulging the brouhaha it caused.

?the new Krave seems to be steering away from acknowledging that there is any kind of involvement by Murphy. However we find that hard to believe given that several individuals have witnessed Kelly visiting the new Krave location. What also gives us reason to believe that Kelly might still be involved in some capacity is the mention of a recent alleged incident that occurred at the new soon-to-be Krave spot.
?Supposedly authorizes were made aware that Murphy was involved in the opening of the new Krave and due to Kelley's less-than stellar recent track record, it caused for officials to quickly become involved. We're not totally sure what the full details are as far as what restrictions or limitations that Kelly may or may not have in conducting business but apparently it warrants enough attention for officials to hound him and immediately intervene!

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