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Take a Ride with the Flaming Green Fairy at Sage

Meet the absinthe cart at Sage, the restaurant from Shawn McClain at Aria. Here you can take your chances with la fée verte, the green fairy.

Sage serves up 10 different absinthes on the cart including Pernod, Obsello and St. Georges Absinthe rolled directly to your table. Your decisions don't end there. Depending on the type of absinthe you choose, you can have it served three different ways.

The drip method starts by slowly dripping cold water onto a sugar cube sitting atop a slotted absinthe spoon that melts the sugar into the absinthe. The dissolved sugar balances against the absinthe. The louche is the milky color the absinthe turns with the addition of the sugar water.

Then there's on the rocks with a kicker of Fuji water, sort of like drinking whiskey.

Finally, the Bohemian Method uses fire. A sugar cube soaked in absinthe is set ablaze, dropped into the glass of absinthe and then the flames are doused with a shot of water. You can refer to this as the Flaming Green Fairy.
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The Sage absinthe cart [Photo: Aria]


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