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Your Handy Guide to Hangover Remedies, Vegas Style

Ed Helms as Stu, Zach Galifianakis as Alan and Bradley Cooper as Phil in The Hangover.
Ed Helms as Stu, Zach Galifianakis as Alan and Bradley Cooper as Phil in The Hangover.
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Las Vegas will forever be synonymous with the movie The Hangover, where Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper go on a bender of a night during a bachelor party in Vegas, lose their best friend and spend the rest of the film hungover and trying to find the groom-to-be and finding out what exactly happened to them the night before.

Perhaps if they had one of these hangover remedies, their day after wouldn't be so bad. Here now, from noon to 1 p.m., we take a look at some of the best hangover remedies curated from friends of Eater Vegas. Keep refreshing the page; we'll continue to update throughout the hour. Have one of your own? Drop it in the comments or shoot it over to the Eater Vegas tipline.

1. Wake up still drunk.?

2. Is a method of prevention acceptable?

3. Also some people swear by Pedialyte.

4. Honey with crackers and lots of water before going to bed.

5. Two beets, 1 carrot, 1 inch piece of ginger, 1/2 clove garlic, 1/2 jalapeño 1 apple all juiced followed up by a shot of bullet rye — completely serous.

6. Every bar and liquor person stocks up on Pedialyte when they go to the big events.

7. Keep drinking! No?

8. Take 3 Advil, 2 Milk Thistle and 1 Zantac 150 when you start drinking. You'll be saying what hangover!?!!

9. Michelada, lime juice and salt and really cold beer on ice. Cabo style. If you like it hot, add some hot sauce.?

10. Pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll.?

11. Brasilian hangover remedy: Engov. A combo of aspirin, caffeine, antacid. Sold in three-packs (preboozing, post boozing, and the next AM). It's how Brasilians party.?

12. Naked brand juices (mango tango is my favorite) or mint green tea because it suppresses vomiting. Also Alleve because it doesn't irritate the liver and Alka Seltzer.

13. From the grandmother of a friend: multivitamin, b-12, vitamin c, 2 Advil and a full glass of water. It works.

14. All of these are great. You can also try TJ Lavin's Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer. It really works!!

15. An IV at Reviv at MGM Grand. It is amazing.

16. Always a kombucha before you pass out the night before. Always does the trick. The bacteria and cultures help speed up blood flow and aids the liver to process the alcohol before it gets absorbed into the blood stream. But if you forget, which I sometimes do, than mash potatoes loaded up, chicken noodle, orange juice and bubbles with orange bitters.

17. Sprite, believe it or not.

18. Bitters and soda. That's usually the big one.

19. Miller High Life and ramen.
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