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Fukuburger Serves Up Burgers to the Redskins, John Madden

John Madden
John Madden
Photo: Colin Fukunaga via The Washington Post

Colin Fukunaga made a dream come true last week when he served up his Fukuburger from a food truck after the Washington Redskins played the Oakland Raiders last week. On top of that, he got a nice shout out from former NFL analyst John Madden on a radio appearance on San Francisco's KCBS.

Fukunaga, a D.C.-area native and huge Redskins fan, is friends with Redskins guard Chris Chester, who even judged a Back of the House Brawl here in Vegas last spring. Fukunaga had long wanted to prepare a post-game meal for the team, and with the game in Oakland, he was able to rent a food truck and serve up 300 burgers to the team after they defeated the Raiders.

Fast forward to post-game, with Madden driving up in his roving bus. "Of all the things I've seen in the NFL, I've never seen that one, where a team brings in a food truck," Madden says.

Of course, I had to get firsts, so the guy came and he brought it in. They fly this guy in from Vegas, then he outsources a food truck, and then they feed 'em in the parking lot. One of the things was a hamburger but it had like coleslaw in it — it wasn't coleslaw, but it had all these different tastes — and then a fried egg, and a hamburger. I don't know how it sounds, but it was delicious!

Other notables who visited the truck: Chris Neild "downed five burgers before I could blink," Fukunaga tells the Washington Post, "DeAngelo Hall lingered by the truck to eat, and it was so busy that Colin was unable to take any photos of Robert Griffin III picking up a couple Fukuburgers."
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