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Crate & Barrel Arrives at Town Square; Tropical Smoothie Cafe Handbag Secrets; Much More

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked Vegas editor Susan Stapleton shares the top fashion and retail news of the week.

Dina%20Mitchell%202%2010-31-13.jpgDina Mitchell [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

EVERYWHERE Dina Mitchell, the area developer and marketing director for Las Vegas favorite Tropical Smoothie Cafe, gives us a glimpse of what she carries in her handbag.

TOWN SQUARE Crate & Barrel opened a limited time, pop-up shop at Town Square. Brimming with holiday trimmings, you only have through the end of the year to check it out. Your first look at what you'll find under the tree this year.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL See the fashions, looks and style of the Downtown festival last weekend.

DOWNTOWN An insider's insight. Grace Russell spills some secrets on shops to find vintage glam looks.

Plus, Holly Madison, Kemo Sabe is now open, so is the TAGS boutique and a new spa to try.