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Las Vegas Bartenders Air Their Grievances

Last month, Eater Vegas asked some of the city's best chefs to anonymously share their gripes and frustrations about the restaurant scene these days. Now it's time for bartenders to do the same. Here, a list of grievances, all anonymous, provided by the bartenders of Las Vegas. Want to join in the fun? Let it all out? Drop an email to the Eater tipline.

1. My biggest pet peeve is when customers blow their cigarette or cigar smoke into my face. Yuck!!!

2. Whistling. That's not cool.

3. Try not to puke on the bar, please.

4. Girls who like to order a drink like the Wet Pussy and have to say it really loud to get the attention of guys.

5. People who complain that the Vegas bomb is different from the one they get in Tallahassee or Madison, Wis. Well, what's in it? I don't know. Think, people.

6. People who drink three-quarters of their drink and then complain that it's wrong.

7. Snapping. Don't snap to get my attention. I see you.

8. Bartending is a bridge from one point in life to another. For example, through college to graduation. Don't make a career out of it otherwise you'll become jaded, hate customers and want to complain in a venue like this.
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