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Reviews of BG Bistro, SkinnyFats and More

Bulgarian food galore makes an appearance at BG Bistro, and Max Jacobson goes to find out what that's all about. "There are lots of meat coming out of this kitchen (dried, pan-fried, char-grilled and sautéed, garlicky coiled sausages, funky tripe in soup), as well as a ubiquitous feta cheese presence, the salty, crumbly sheep (and sometimes partly goat) milk cheese that Bulgarians sprinkle on just about anything."

He recommends the Kashkaval pane (pan-fried breaded cheese), a platter of dried meats, kiufteta (meatballs filled with onions) and kebapcheta (ground, spiced meat). [VS]

Erik Chudy checks out the burgers at SkinnyFats, specifically ordering the cheeseburger Benedict, a half-pound Angus burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheddar, avocado, red onion, fried egg and SF sauce. He describes it as "too damn large to properly enjoy" and "there is just far too much going on to enjoy this." He gives it an 80 out of 100. [VBB]

CityLife dive bombs the new Soho Japanese restaurant from John Chien Lee of Social House fame a month after it opens. "The difference for this Asian fusion restaurant is the quality of fish, and they know they don't want to cover that up." [CL]

HKR gives Naga Thai A grades across the board. [LVRJ]
BG Bistro [Photo: Facebook]

Social House

2100 South Street, , PA 19146 (215) 545-1508 Visit Website

BG Bistro

6160 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV