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Feast Your Eyes on Vince Neil's Tatuado Eat Drink Party

[Photos: Chelsea McManus]

Get your party going at Vince Neil's Tatuado Eat Drink Party, the new party bar and restaurant from Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil. The restaurant takes the place of Rock 'n Rita's, the 14,000-square-foot restaurant at Circus Circus.

Photographer Mark Weiss created the visual side of the restaurant, contributing photos from his vast collection that dates back to his first photo shoot with Mötley Crüe in 1982. The vibe here captures the feel of of the Rainbow on the Sunset Strip in the '80s.

Find Mötley Crüe's gold and platinum records from Neil's collection along with two large video walls, projection screens and 22 HD flat screens playing rock-infused music videos and candid behind-the-scenes videos of the rocker enjoying Las Vegas.

Outside the restaurant, find Vince Neil's Party Bus Bar with flair bartenders and party girls offering up shots. Also on hand, the gold room, where Neil and his friends Nicolas Cage and Carrot Top can find a retreat inside the restaurant.

Take a look inside after the jump.

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