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Updating Kerry Simon & Dan Coughlin's Downtown Projects

John E. Carson Hotel
John E. Carson Hotel
Photo: Bradley Martin

As exclusively revealed by Eater Vegas, celebrity chef Kerry Simon is opening his first restaurant downtown and Le Thai's Dan Coughlin is creating his second. New concrete details reveal the scope of their project that will transform the shuttered John E. Carson Hotel in a style that will keep the retro-funky vibe of the former low-rent, 1950s hostelry.

Kerry%20Simon%20Restaurant%2011-5-2013.jpgFuture Kerry Simon's Restaurant [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Simon will occupy Suite 100 of the U-shaped property, creating a tavern with the working title of Kerry Simon's Restaurant. The single-story adjunct to the motel will feature a 1,410-square-foot bar downstairs and a 1,070 square-feet lounge on the second-level roof. The interior courtyard of the hotel will also be open to guests. And 240-square-foot of seating is being allocated on the Carson Ave. sidewalk in front of the building. While the project is classified as a tavern, the plan is for Simon to serve "contemporary American cuisine with a focus on meal preparation and presentation."

John%20E%20Carson%20Hotel%20courtyard.jpgJohn E. Carson Hotel courtyard [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Built in 1955, the Downtown Project, led by Zappos CEO Tony Heish, bought the hotel for $2,060,514 in April 2012. Hotel rooms are being converted into re-purposed businesses. Other tenants already identified by Eater Vegas include O Face Donuts, tech firm Digital Royalty and Interactive Organics. Kerry Simon's new neighbor will be current resident Black Spade Tattoo.

Bocho%2011-5-2013.jpgBocho [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Le Thai's Dan Coughlin is converting two floors of the hotel to create Bocho, a 1,000-square-foot sushi restaurant with a 1,150 square-foot upstairs lounge. Patrons will also be able to eat and drink in the shared interior courtyard, or outside at 410-square-foot of seating on Sixth Street. Construction has started across the site, but a timetable for completion has not been announced.
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John E. Carson Hotel

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