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Bradley Ogden on Closing His Restaurant at Caesars

Bradley Ogden at Funky Chicken
Bradley Ogden at Funky Chicken
Photo: Facebook

Bradley Ogden talks about his new Funky Chicken in Houston, his two other restaurants coming there and more in this interview with Eater Houston.

When asked why he decided to go for a more fast-casual concept after closing his eponymous restaurant at Caesars Palace, he says, "Our 10-year contract came up, our lease. We came in as the first celebrity chef restaurant to open in Caesar's [Palace]. When things changed after Harrah's came in, it wasn't anything about ethical values, it was about…Well, Gordon Ramsay's in there with his pub but he's doing 1,000 covers a day when it's not very good food, the last time I was there anyway. And that's not me being bitter, I'm just telling you how it is. It's like fast food at that level."

Do head over to read the rest of the interview to get an idea of where Ogden is heading.
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