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Caesars to Host a Fountain Bar Without a Fountain

 Fountain Bar
Fountain Bar
Photo: Bradley Martin

Construction on the new Fountain Bar at Caesars Palace is racing to a finish. Facing the Bacchanal Buffet, Payard Patisserie & Bistro and Rao's, this area used to be a popular meeting and sitting space surrounding a small fountain. Under the project name "Fountain Bar," the water feature was completely demolished, making it seem the name was merely an act of nostalgia. But new progress on the space has finally revealed how it will all make sense.

Fountain%20Bar%2012-15-2013%202.jpg Fountain Bar [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Running through the center of the Fountain Bar, a copper-clad "bubble column" will circulate brightly lit, rapidly swirling water and bubbles all the way up to the ceiling. Surrounding it, the bar top completely circles the column and is styled in an onyx marble finish featuring gaming terminals set flush into the counter top.

The compact 1,279-square-feet bar has a publicly estimated construction valuation of $1,300,000. Caesars has never officially announced the on-going changes nor has offered a timetable for completion.
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Fountain Bar

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