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Why Did Bradley Ogden's Hops & Harvest Really Close?

Hops & Harvest
Hops & Harvest
Photo: Chelsea McManus

So why did Hops & Harvest abruptly close Saturday at Tivoli Village? The answer is in the operating agreement chef Bradley Ogden signed to open the restaurant, which opened seven months ago and returned his infamous burger and butterscotch pudding to Vegas.

"We decided to pull out of the project because of issues we had with the way the restaurant was being run," Ogden tells Eating Las Vegas. "And once we finalized our decision (a short time ago), they decided to close it."

Ogden's agreement with Hops & Harvest parent company Epicurean Ventures involved creating and overseeing the menu, Curtas speculates. "Simply put, it was a management contract similar to the ones signed by (some) celebrity chefs with (some of) the big hotels….albeit with less zeros involved. Without actually having seen the document, we can guess that Bradley received an up-front fee, plus a percentage of either gross revenues, net profits or both…"

Epicurean Ventures is listed as the parent company of Hops & Harvest with Bill Feather, Kelley Jones and Frank Tucker listed as officers. Feather, the former president of Planet Hollywood Resort, and Jones are also involved with Poppy Den at Tivoli Village.
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