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The Most Ambitious New Chinese Restaurant in Vegas

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Vegas Seven visits the reincarnation of the now-defunct Three Villages, 1900 Asian, just downstairs from its former self at Ranch 99 in Chinatown with a far more ambitious menu. Max Jacobson calls it "where glorious dumplings, pancakes and steamed buns headline a greatest-hits menu of Northern Chinese cooking."

He suggests looking at the back of the menu for the "green-onion pancake, xiao loong bao (Chinese for "little basket dumplings") and the lesser-known ji dong meat pie" and says the dumplings "even surpass the ones at the very good China Mama," high praise.

The restaurant even offers up a Bizarre Foods America experience. "…order the shredded pork stomach with red chili sauce—another incendiary combo—or the spicy frog legs." [VS]

The Southern Nevada Health District inspects 15,313 restaurants on a yearly basis. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a daily circulation of 172,366. Yet the RJ decides the most relevant restaurant to review out of 52 a year is a lounge that isn't technically a restaurant. HKR gives Henderson's lounge Elixir a B grade overall. [LVRJ]

Las Vegas Weekly visits Toros, the new Spanish tapas place in Summerlin from Adam Corrigan. Brock Radke says the tapas here aren't that different from those at Firefly (read: Americanized). [LVW]

CityLife heads to Pho Sing Sing, where E.C. Gladstone has "the best pho I have had in Las Vegas." [CL]

The headline of Eating Las Vegas' review of Buddy V's says it all: "Buddy V's doesn't suck like we thought it would." So even John Curtas can occasionally admit he's wrong. [ELV]
1900 Asian [Photo: Yelp]


11261 South Eastern Avenue, Henderson, NV 89052 702-778-1400

1900 Asian Cuisine

5115 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV