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Titans Offering $10,000 for Vintner Grill's Table 32

Here's a whale tale out of Summerlin, where two real estate titans fought over the best seat in the house.

At Vintner Grill several years back a local publication highlighted the top power tables in the city and provided their number, a code the restaurant uses for reservations. When the article came out, Vintner Grill's famed "Table 32" was the top spot to get since it overlooks the restaurant  and is central to the room. Two billionaire real-estate developers were seated next to each other (one at Table 32 and one at Table 31). The gentleman and his date at Table 31 wanted 32. Management explained they could not unseat the other guest, the whale offered the other whale $10,000 for his seat. The offer was declined.  The fun-fact about Table 32 is that anyone can sit there, but it is ONLY reserved for Mayors Goodman.

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Table 32 [Photo: Vintner Grill]

Vintner Grill

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