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Little People Zorros and 327 Bottles of Dom Perignon

For those who missed the Champagne Power Hour yesterday, Eater Vegas has one story left to tide you through the weekend. This story comes from a VIP host at Gallery Nightclub at Planet Hollywood Resort and shows the great lengths clubs will go to just to make a VIP happy.

One night I had a customer coming in from Russia who had some pretty unique requests... He asked if we could have 12 small people dressed as Mexican bull fighters meet him at his hotel room. He wanted the 12 little people to sing the Mexican National anthem as they escorted him through the hotel/casino. Each one of these small people had a red cape on looking like little Zorros. It was a phenomenal site as he arrived at the door because he also had six beautiful Russian supermodels accompanying him and a private security guard that resembled Ivan Drago.
We greeted this gentlemen with great excitement and made sure that his favorite song "Ice Ice Baby" was playing as he entered the club. We tried to make him feel like a superhero as he walked to his table! His waitress greeted him and his first order in a thick Russian accent was 200 bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne for the entire nightclub! The bottles kept coming and soon started getting sprayed everywhere. In total, he ordered 327 bottles of Dom P.
That was a night I will never forget and will never be topped in Las Vegas. The small people dressed as Mexican Zorros stayed the entire night and were very drunk walking out of Gallery with their outfits soaked in champagne. What a night.

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Gallery Nightclub [Photo: Courtesy]

Gallery Nightclub

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