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Ramsay Named the New BurGR King by Jacobson; More

Gordon Ramsay BurGR
Gordon Ramsay BurGR
Rendering: Planet Hollywood Resort

Max Jacobson at Vegas Seven crowns Gordon Ramsay the new BurGR King with the opening of his new restaurant at Planet Hollywood Resort. "Ramsay has pulled out many creative stops to one-up the competition, which includes Burger Bar, StripBurger, KGB Burger, BLT Burger and many others."

It seems he tried every burger on the menu here, but notes that none come with fries. But the extra cost comes in a cone with sides of curry ketchup, and chipotle ketchup.

Not to be missed, the pudding shakes, which Jacobson calls "ridiculously excessive and embarrassingly hard to resist." As for dessert, he says he prefers his pudding hot as opposed to the sticky toffee-pudding push-up pops Ramsay hawks.

Heidi Knapp Rinella spoils the big food surprise in her review of Crepe Expectations in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "All of the food at Crepe Expectations is based on crepes, so if your expectation is for something different, go elsewhere." She gives the restaurant A's across the board, so expect the same quality of food, attention to service and high-end decor as you would find at Sage, which she gave the same marks. She also dubs the strip mall where it's located a "foodie mecca" listing out every type of restaurant in Sansone Park Place, including "a dim-sum spot at one end of the center and an 'American bistro' at the other. In between are a breakfast/lunch place, an Indian restaurant, a cooking school, a deli and I think a kabob place, and the outparcels are home to a brewpub and a new seafood restaurant." Perhaps Kabob Grill, the restaurant she couldn't remember, serves pizza. [LVRJ]

CityLife's Al Mancini goes on a Japanese rampage, reviewing two restaurants for the price of one review. Yu-Yu specializes in more than 50 types of deep-fried skewers of meat dubbed kushiage. Mancini and his wife dined for $40 here. Over at the new Yonaka Japanese Modern Restaurant he found a different type of fusion fare — sushi with nontraditional garnishes such as uni with candied quinoa and tamari, hirame with preserved lemon and cilantro stem and sake with charred tomato, chives and jalapeño miso. The only problem? "In a few instances, however, the chef's creativity gets the best of him, and he drowns out the ingredient that should be front and center." [CL]

Erik Chudy at Vegas Burger Blog goes unconventional in his choice of burger this week, hitting Bar + Bistro. He tried the pig-pork-cow with a "Kobe Wagyu burger, brioche bun, Spanish chorizo, pancetta, Manchego and white cheddar cheeses and pickled shallots" where no two bites were the same. "As a whole there were some very complex and varied flavors that went really well together, I just wish the bun and meat were both a little less dry." He gave the burger an 80 out of 100. [VegasBurgerBlog]

BLT Burger

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Gordon Ramsay BurGR

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