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First Look at the Dream Interior of La Comida

First rendering of the interior of Downtown's La Comida mexican restaurant.
First rendering of the interior of Downtown's La Comida mexican restaurant.

[Renderings: Project M LLC via]

Jenna Morton has shared her and her husband Michael's ambitions for their first Downtown restaurant and provided a status update, alongside some menu hints. She also revealed renderings of La Comida's interiors to help explain their Mexican restaurant concept.

Before a public meeting, part of La Comida's continued successful passage through the city permit process, Jenna Morton repeatedly called the building "lovely." The former laundry facility building for the El Cortez hotel has been stripped to its core. But it has "good bones" according to Morton, and has "such a lovely feel" once a visitor stands inside the space.

She informed the Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency that La Comida means the "family meal" and the couple spent a lot of time on the name until Michael Morton finally said, "I wish we could just call it La Comida." She added, "We really want it to feel like a family place," and the building "lends itself to their concept."

Back in October, Michael Morton announced the concept as "richer than reality," so much so that the staff "will even tie a red string around your finger so that when you return to the real world you will know it wasn't a dream." Jenna Morton presented renderings to help demonstrate this dream to council members.

She explained that a menu tasting had taken place and work was at hand to replicate a chilli dish she had first encountered in Mexico. But their swordfish Veracruz dish had already made the grade and is "perfect."

Morton said they were now hoping for a late April opening, pushed back from the previously announced late March debut. She admitted the ongoing construction difficulties and "building a new building might have been easier."

The total estimated cost will amount to $2 million for interior and exterior renovations. While facing Sixth Street, the restaurant entrance will be located in the adjacent Get Back Alley. Among the the 30 declared partners in this project is Zappos C.E.O. Tony Hsieh.
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