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Ready or Not, Beacher's Madhouse Coming to MGM Grand

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Construction permits confirm rumors that Jeff Beacher's Madhouse vaudeville review show will be overhauling the 17,130-square-foot theater left vacant after the Crazy Horse Paris burlesque show shuttered in October 2012. The MGM Grand space filled with bordello reds and gilt finishings is remarkably similar in design to Beacher's current production theater at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

No details have been revealed for the publicly announced $750,000 budget, but the Hollywood show requires an aerial rig to accommodate the "Beau Joie Flying Midget Bartenders" who sail through the air to deliver bottles to guests. Open casting calls for the Vegas show include invitations for "Variety acts : Acrobats, Little People, Balloon Artists, Contortionists, Aerialists, or just plain freaks!"

An earlier Vegas incarnation of Beacher's Madhouse ran for five years at the Hard Rock Hotel until 2008. A Memorial Day weekend debut for his MGM Grand production has been rumored.

Jeff Beacher hasn't always been welcome at this new location. A 2003 publicity stunt led him into the MGM Grand dressed as a maintenance worker before he stripped to a Speedo and jumped into the Rain Forest Cafe's 10,000-gallon fish tank. He was subsequently banned from all MGM properties for a year.
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Beacher's Madhouse [Photo: Facebook]

Beacher's Madhouse

3799 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV