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Exclusive: First Word on Monte Carlo's Double Barrel Overhaul

Future home of The Double Barrel
Future home of The Double Barrel
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Monte Carlo is planning a major facelift to its northern Strip facing entrance. The Double Barrel, an almost 9,000-square-foot restaurant featuring live entertainment, will anchor the new wing of the resort, in addition to four other tenants, a currently unassigned mix of retail and other food options. The expansion will increase the Monte Carlo's overall footprint by more than 25,000 square feet.

A representative for the project described the current curved entrance and fountain feature as "sterile," their new plan aiming to make this section "more welcoming."

The look will include a vintage, urban-style metal catwalk and elements of glass, brick facades and wood panels, a design more reminiscent of the exterior of its neighbor, New York-New York, than the current neoclassical concept. Angled skylights are a distinct feature on the roof. The height will will not increase over the current property and this wing will stretch to the Las Vegas Boulevard to become flush with the present ornate Monte Carlo signage.

This entrance provides direct access to Andre's, Dragon Noodle Co. & Sushi Bar and d.vino restaurants. They are currently not included in these construction upgrades.

The changes will remove the existing large fountain and replace with smaller water features, tiny waterfalls leading into small pools to help recycle the water. The Monte Carlo fountains already operate via recycling methods.

The move follows an escalating recent trend for Strip resorts to create attractions directly accessible from the Strip and not via the interior of the casino. Victoria Partners, owners of the Monte Carlo, first proposed a plan to remodel this area in July 2011, pushing for a 24-foot high, two-story bar, enhanced by "a mix of Mediterranean and contemporary exterior design" and a strong focus on foliage including palms, privet trees and "star jasmine," a different approach from The Double Barrel. Despite Paradise Town Board approval, those earlier plans were halted by Victoria Partners in December of that year.
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The Double Barrel

3770 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV