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Meet the New Korean Joint 21 Restaurant & Lounge

21 Restaurant & Lounge
21 Restaurant & Lounge
Photo: Chelsea McManus

The Asian intrusion has extended beyond Chinatown. Al Mancini at CityLife checked out 21 Restaurant & Lounge, the new Korean restaurant that feels like a nightclub. "Everything I've sampled here has ranged from good to great," he says.

He recommends the kimchi pancake, the shrimp in a teriyaki barbecue sauce and the assortment of chicken wings that are more like traditional fried chicken. "More importantly, the available flavors are added to the batter sparingly. I recommend the curry version, which has so slight a hint of spice that even people who think they don't like curry will eagerly devour them without quite knowing why."

Each of the Plexiglass cubes for a table can turn on to give the room a sci-fi vibe.

Brock Radke at Las Vegas Weekly continues the Asian invasion, checking out Yonaka Modern Cuisine, the new Japanese restaurant on the west side. He says the crudo "is impossible to forget" paired with the sake orenji, "You could devour these refreshing small plates day or night, forever." While not everything was a hit, he says. "Yonaka's kitchen shines brightest with the small plates."

Erik Chudy at Vegas Burger Blog is uninspired by the new Burger Bistro at LVH. "Basically what I'm saying here is the LVH execs decided that burgers are hot, there are massive amount of bodies coming out of conventions so let's just slap a burger joint in this unused space, charge way too much money and see how it goes." He gives the Swiss and bacon burger he tried a 60 out of 100. "While they provide a somewhat decent burger, the fries are awful, the service was iffy, and the prices are insulting." [VBB]

Max Jacobson at Vegas Seven heads to Viva Las Arepas. He says an arepa is a "cornmeal cake that can be steamed, fried or grilled, as it is here. Picture a hamburger bun in wax paper and then substitute the arepa, and that's what you're getting." He loved the carne asada arepa as well as a "cold arepa called reina pepiada, a minced chicken filling redolent of garlic and cilantro." [VS]

Heidi Knapp Rinella at the Las Vegas Review-Journal is back with her A ways, doling out an A- to The Great Greek in Henderson. She says the counter service restaurant isn't much to look at so focus on the food. She says the gyro was one of the best she's had in a while. "The pita was warm and pillowy and it was stuffed with lots of slices of meat, plus tomato and red onion and enough lettuce that it provided crunch but clearly wasn't being used as a filler." [LVRJ]

Viva Las Arepas

1616 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-366-9696

21 Restaurant & Lounge

6145 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV