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Meet Vegas' First Novelty Drink Holder from 1968

Ever wonder where those huge novelty cocktails started? Classic Las Vegas tracked it down to find a $50 drink sold in 1968 by the Desert Inn.

At the time, it was dubbed the world's tallest and most expensive cocktail. The $50 Pzazz 500 got its name from the musical playing at the hotel at the time. The drink itself contains a $30 bottle of champagne, cognac and a "liquer that is replete with flakes of gold."

Guests who wanted to buy just the 36-inch novelty glass could shell out $25 in specialty shops. When served by the Desert Inn, guests got two straws and kept the glass.

Here Miss Nevada Kathy Landry samples the drink.

Factoring in inflation, the cocktail would cost $328.95 in 2013 dollars.
· Classic Las Vegas [Twitter]
Miss Nevada Kathy Landry sipping the Pzazz 500 from the Desert Inn [Photo: Classic Las Vegas]

Desert Inn

3145 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV