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BLT Burger, KGB: Kerry's Gourmet Burger, LBS Burger

BLT Burger
BLT Burger
Photo: Mirage

How many burgers does BLT Burger sell weekly? How much cheese does KGB: Kerry's Gourmet Burgers use every week? How many buns does LBS Burger Joint use every week? This and more vital information can be found below as we break down burgers by the numbers.

BLT Burger at the Mirage
Meat: BLT Burger sells approximately 11,000 burgers a week. That's more than 4,800 pounds or more than two tons of meat.

Buns: 11,000 per week.

Ketchup: 500 bottles per week

Shakes: More than 1,500 per week

Ice Cream: More than 160 gallons per week

Pickles: More than 5,000 pickle spears a week

Fries: More than 1,000 pounds of potatoes

Beer: More than 3,000 pints served per week

More fun BLT Burger facts:
BLT Burger processes all meat in house.

The butcher prepares all beef, turkey, and salmon patties in-house.

Their bread is delivered two times a day to ensure freshness.

The fried pickles and mozzarella sticks are made in-house by hand.

All dressing for salads (ranch, blue cheese, etc.) barbecue sauce, Spicy Marinara are also made in-house.

LBS_1000%204-15-13.jpgLBS Burger Joint [Photo: Block 16 Hospitality]

LBS Burger Joint at Red Rock Resort
— 400 pounds in a week

Turkey — 250 pounds in a week

Chicken — 20 pounds in a week

Pounds Sauce — Five gallons in a week

Ketchup bottles — Four cases (16 bottles in a case)

On weekdays, 104 white/wheat buns

On weekends, 288 white/wheat buns

Weekly — Seven dozen ciabatta

Weekly, LBS Burger goes through 100 pounds of cheese. The most popular is American, followed by pepperjack, Swiss and provolone.

French Fries — 30 cases a week, 24 pounds a case

Pickles — Three pounds a week

Mustard — Two cases of bottled/table mustard and four gallons of regular mustard.

HLV_KGB_Kerry_s_Gourmet_Burgers_Dining_Room%204-15-13.jpgKGB: Kerry's Gourmet Burgers [Photo: Harrah's Las Vegas]

KGB: Kerry's Gourmet Burgers at Harrah's Las Vegas

KGB goes through:
1,500 pounds of All Natural Angus Beef a week
KGB purchases 350 bottles of ketchup a week and 1,500 to-go ketchup packets a week.
KGB buys:
2,100 white buns a week

1,600 slider buns a week

1,000 jalapeno cheddar buns a week

1,000 onion poppy buns a week

525 wheat buns a week

525 brioche buns a week

KGB goes through about 565 pounds of cheese a week. The cheeses used include:
· 180 pounds American cheese
· 180 pounds Pepper Jack cheese
· 85 pounds cheddar cheese
· 50 pounds Smoked Gouda
· 35 pounds Blue cheese crumbles
· 25 pounds Swiss cheese
· 10 pounds Feta cheese
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BLT Burger

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