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Garfield's To Remain Garfield's. Still Expanding.

Photo: Susan Stapleton

In non-switcheroo news, Garfield's Restaurant will not be changing its name to the Ivy Grill when, or if, it is permitted to add 1,499 square feet of adjacent space to the current Lakeside Center restaurant.

Garfield's owners have run into issues concerning an upgrade that would add three new patio areas. Most of the renovations have already been completed without securing the proper permits, but approval by the local planning commission would allow a private party area to be integrated into Garfield's.

Public disclosure of this construction has also inadvertently caused some consternation in the neighborhood. Las Vegas uses the term "Supper Club" for a "business engaged in the selling and/or serving of alcohol or alcohol related products," which can seat more than 125 guests. Garfield's usage of this correct legal language in their application has erroneously led neighbors to believe Ivy Grill LLC is renovating the space into a new nightclub. The restaurant has delayed their April planning commission appearance until May 14, in part, to help smooth over local resident concerns.

Garfield's resides in the same retail center as the Village Pub and Marché Bacchus.
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Garfield's Restaurant

2620 Regatta Dr., Las Vegas, NV