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Just How Are the Meatballs at Meatball Spot?

Meatball Spot
Meatball Spot
Photo: Chelsea McManus

In a rare negative review, Heidi Knapp Rinella at the Las Vegas Review-Journal handed Carla Pellegrino's Meatball Spot at Town Square a B+. The culprit? Dry meatballs.

She tried the meatball sampler with all six varieties of meatballs. The beef: "It was dry, but I wasn't all that concerned; all-beef meatballs can have a tendency to be dry."

The classic: "Although not as dry as the beef, it was still too dry."

She said the chicken, turkey and vegetarian meatballs also needed moisture.

As for the pork meatball: "This was the best, and the one I'd stick to on a return visit, but even it wasn't as moist as I would've expected."

HKR thinks the meatballs were overcooked.

As for the sauces: "Sure, they added moisture to the exteriors, and even more flavor, because they all were very well executed." The classic tomato delivered, the spicy meat sauce "wasn't overwhelming," the mushroom gravy "wasn't as rich as I would have expected," the pesto "wasn't as concentrated as I would've expected (which is a good thing)" and the Parmesan cream was "nothing short of transcendent."

She gives the atmosphere and service an A and the food a B- for the overall B+

John Curtas says he's starting to return to the places included in Eating Las Vegas — The 50 Essential Restaurants, the book he co-authored with Max Jacobson and Al Mancini, starting with Julian Serrano at Aria. "It's never gotten the play of places like American Fish or Sage, but you will drink very well here whilst nibbling on the superb (if acquired) tastes of some of Serrano's more exotic creations." He tries some dishes that he calls "an acquired taste. ?remember pilgrim: all things exquisite (blue cheese, oysters, bourbon, oral sex, etc.) are disgusting the first time you try them." [ELV]

Julian Serrano Tapas

3730 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (702) 590-8520 Visit Website

Meatball Spot

6605 Las Vegas Blvd. S. , Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-641-7768 Visit Website