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Bradley Ogden & Sam Marvin Tivoli Village Updates

Plywood is mounted at Bradley Ogden's Hops & Harvest.
Plywood is mounted at Bradley Ogden's Hops & Harvest.

[Photos: Bradley Martin]

Bradley Ogden has moved one step closer in his return to Las Vegas. New plywood promises a May opening for Ogden's Hops & Harvest, taking over the former Bottles & Burgers space at Tivoli Village.

The casual concept will host 160 to 180 seats and run a handcrafted cocktails, craft beer and American wine program. As first reported by Eater Vegas, Ogden will include his famous burger recipe, last seen at his former Bradley Ogden restaurant at Caesars Palace.

And the long-awaited, equally ampersand friendly, Echo & Rig Steakhouse & Butcher Shop from Los Angeles chef Sam Marvin has undergone a plywood switcheroo. Originally featuring the chef's name, then changed to all black, the new coverings announce a future steakhouse and butcher shop, minus a chef or proposed restaurant name. The property currently has $99,265.40 in unpaid permit fees to the city connected to the space. Marvin recently trademarked Echo & Rig as both a restaurant and a retail and online merchant of meat, fish, poultry and game suggesting a strong continued commitment to the brand name. A summer opening is still touted.

Ogden and Marvin will be able to check out the progress themselves when they join Poppy Den's executive chef Alicia Stewart at a May 18 Project Dinner Table event scheduled for the upscale mall.

Another potential Tivoli Village space for culinary expansion is also now available at the recently shuttered YoScream frozen yogurt shop, neighboring Kabuki.
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