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A Look at the Four-Hour Lines for White Castle

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[Photos: Susan Stapleton]

Here's a look at the massively long lines for White Castle on Friday night at the Las Vegas Foodie Fest held at the Silverton. Some waited as long as four hours to pick up the original sliders.

The limited menu included original sliders, cheese sliders and jalapeño cheese sliders in sacks of 10, Crave Cases of 30 and Crave Crates of 100. No fries made the menu.

When asked if White Castle burgers were worth the wait, one surly man said, "Are you kidding me? It's White Castle and we live in Vegas. We have to do whatever we can to get White Castle."

As of now, there are no White Castle restaurants in the Vegas vicinity and none in the works. The closest White Castle restaurant is in the Chicago and St. Louis area. On the White Castle Facebook page, fans called for the restaurant to open in Vegas.

"When your [sic] watching people wait for 2 1/2 - 3 hrs for a slider in Las Vegas at the foodie Fest , that should be turning the light on? Like hey , maybe we need to open up shop here and make a killing ! Not to open up shop would just be a mistake! Big financial mistake!" wrote Rick Campain.

White Castle responded, "We are glad we got to see our Vegas Cravers at Foodie Fest! We will pass along your suggestion, Rick!"

On White Castle's frequently asked questions page, the restaurant explains why there isn't a White Castle in Vegas. "White Castle and all its subsidiaries are privately owned and operated. The company does not franchise or offer stock options, and finances its expansion solely through retained earnings. For these reasons, White Castle expands slowly and tends to operate within the existing Midwest and Northeast regions where all our support facilities (meat plants, bakeries, etc.) are located. We believe in this business practice so we can provide a stable company for the more than 12,000+ team members it supports."
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