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Garfield's Stealthy Conversion into Ivy Grill

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Ivy Grill [Photo: Susan Stapleton]

Reviving a previously proposed switcheroo at Lakeside Center, Garfield's Restaurant is pushing to transform itself into the Ivy Grill and has already accomplished most of the work behind the scenes. Garfield's will become a 10,086-square-foot supper club, including 1,499 square feet of new adjacent space previously used for private parties.

A staff report created ahead of an April 9 City of Las Vegas Planning Commission meeting noted, "The proposed expansion has already been completed without obtaining the proper building permits. This included enclosing three different patio areas on the north, west and south sides of the building."

Since 2006 there have been periodic proposals to establish the Ivy Grill in this corner of the center. The new supper club concept will be located steps away from the Village Pub and Marché Bacchus. While "several outstanding building permit issues" will need to be addressed at future City Council meetings, the ongoing issue of parking space in this area is not expected to affect the approval process.
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Ivy Grill

2620 Regatta Dr., Las Vegas, NV