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UPDATED: Salmonella Caused 39 People to Get Sick at Firefly

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Just a quick update on Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar, the restaurant shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District last Friday after more than three dozen people reported foodborne illnesses last week and an inspection on Friday found 44 demerits. Now comes word that the SNHD found that salmonella caused diners to become sick.

Thirty-nine people came forward with symptoms such as stomach pains and vomiting, and as many as 10 went to the emergency room for treatment. The restaurant will remain closed until SNHD finalizes testing.

Firefly's two other locations in Henderson and on West Sahara Avenue remain open.

A salmonella infection that usually spreads through contaminated water or food sources. The Mayo Clinic says, "Typically, people with salmonella infection develop diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps within eight to 72 hours. ?Diarrhea associated with salmonella infection can be so dehydrating as to require prompt medical attention. Life-threatening complications also may develop if the infection spreads beyond your intestines.

UPDATE: Since the closing on Friday, Firefly chef and owner John Simmons says, "The restaurant has disposed of food and deep cleaned since last week," he tells KTNV.

"We intend to get to the bottom of this. We're working with the health department and we're going to figure out what happened, fix it and make sure it never happens again." 

Four employees of the restaurant are also among the victims to fall ill.

"I feel bad," he tells KTNV. "My employees and my customers, their health, their well-being, their safety — it's our number one concern." 

On Facebook, Simmons wrote: "We have been a part of this community for 10 years and there is nothing more important than our customers. We are working closely with the Health District to find out what happened - we want to know as much as anyone else. We thank you for your patience and we appreciate all of the support we have received as we go through the process. We take immense pride in the Firefly experience and we will do everything in our power to make it right. We are anxious to re-open to honor reservations and your special events."
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Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar [Photo: Titi T./Yelp]


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