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Get Roy Ellamar's Winning Chopped Menu at Sensi


[Photos: Bellagio]

Ever wanted to be one of the judges on Chopped? Well, this might now be the same thing but it does offer a similar experience. Now executive chef Royden Ellamar of Sensi at the Bellagio created a menu based on the dishes he created when he won on Chopped.

When he appeared on the show in February, Ellamar was faced with a mystery basket filled with Mexican ingredients that he had to make into an appetizer, entrée and dessert. The new three-course Chopped menu goes for $60 per person.

During the first round, Ellamar found pigs feet in a jar, tres leches cake, jicama and culantro in his mystery baskets. For this, he made a Crispy Pork Terrine and jicama salad with cilantro vinaigrette.

Round two brought the challenge of creating an entrée with goat, tequila, churros and huitlacoche, a fungus that grows on corn. Ellamar, who brought some of his Asian flare to this course, created a Tequila Grilled Goat Tenderloin and huitlacoche and goat cheese hash with charred tomato salsa.

In the finale, Ellamar went with a dish he has on the Sensi menu — doughnuts — using coconut, pepitas, piloncillo and yucca found in his mystery basket to make Yucca Malasadas, Portuguese doughnuts with pumpkin seed brittle and coconut caramel.
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