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UPDATED: Graham Elliot Says He's Headed to Vegas

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Now comes word that MasterChef co-host and Chicago chef Graham Elliot wants to bring his "inside-out, molecular styled" cooking to Vegas within a year. The chef, who was in town for Vegas Uncork'd, is keeping mum about which resort he will call home.

Elliot has Grahamwich and an eponymous restaurant in Chicago. His Graham Elliot has two Michelin stars, and he's been nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award three times.

Know where Elliot is planning to go? Drop us a line at

UPDATED: Graham Elliot tells Eater Chicago: "All I can say right now is that we're exploring options in both LA and Vegas, neither or which will be 'molecular' or fine dining."
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Graham Elliot [Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]