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Now 90 Reportedly Stricken with Salmonella at Firefly

[Photos: Southern Nevada Health District via KTNV]

The reported number of people infected with salmonella at Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar doubled, according to KTNV. Now as many as 86 diners and four employees were stricken by the foodborne bacteria that shut down the main location of Firefly on Friday. The Southern Nevada Health District inspected the location and found 44 demerits. The health agency determined the cause of the outbreak was salmonella, but are still investigating the culprit inside the restaurant.

Firefly owner John Simmons told FOX5, "He was surprised when health inspectors came to the door at 7 p.m. Friday and shut the place down while customers were eating in the dining room."

Now SNHD has released more specific images of the violations they found at the restaurant.

Alleged violations include:
1. An employee handled ready-to-eat foods — garnish — with bare hands.

2. An employee put on gloves without washing his or her hands.

3. Condensation from a food-storage rack dripped into open containers of food.

4. Raw ground beef was stored over cooked chicken and raw seafood.

5. Raw fish was stored over cooked chicken.

6. Uncovered dried breading mixture was stored close to the floor in a high foot-traffic area.

7. A sanitizer bucket was stored on a food preparation surface next to open foods

8. Chemical spray bottles were not labeled.

9. Several employees used dry cloths instead of sanitizer towels to wipe a cutting board and plates.

10. Food was dumped into a hand sink.

11. Multiple fruit flies and small moths were observed in the facility.

12. A sanitizer bucket was stored next to open food

13. Food such as pork, calamari, lettuce, cheese, chicken, beef, shrimp, clams and mussels were held at unsafe temperatures.

SNHD reports that improper hand washing or food handling could be the culprit behind the salmonella outbreak.

In order to reopen, Firefly needs to be re-inspected and receive a A grade and can't have any of the same violations inspectors found during the initial inspection.
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