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Meet the Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails at Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory American Brasserie cocktail cart
The Sugar Factory American Brasserie cocktail cart
Photo: Sugar Factory American Brasserie

Meet the new custom built cocktail cart at Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas. The 24-hour restaurant now has table side service to go with the restaurant's brand spanking new specialty cocktail menu that includes goblets and liquid nitrogen concoctions.

Guests can now add the exotic "fog" of the liquid nitrogen, which makes drinks more slushy, to any cocktail on the menu for $5 more.

Here's a look at some of the new cocktails on the menu:

Pineapple Cosmopolitan: House-infused pineapple vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice adorned by an orange peel. $16

Hubba Bubba: Three Olives Bubble Gum vodka, DK Pomegranate liqueur, white grape juice, fresh lemon sour, rock candy syrup and fresh lime juice. $16

Lemon-Head: Ketel One Citroen, Limoncello, rock candy syrup, fresh lemon juice and Fee Brother's lemon bitters. $16

Blow Pop: Three Olives Bubble Gum vodka, DK Apple Pucker, fresh lemon sour and green apple syrup. $16

Jolly Rancher: Three Olives Watermelon vodka, DK Watermelon pucker, fresh lemon juice and watermelon syrup. $16

S'More's: Three Olives Chocolate vodka, Licor 43 Godiva milk chocolate, heavy whipping cream and toasted marshmallow syrup. $16

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan: Pinnacle Cotton Candy vodka, Ketel One Oranj vodka, triple sec, rock candy syrup, fresh lime juice and fresh cranberry juice. $16

Almond Joy: Bacardi Coconut rum, Toschi Nocello Walnut liqueur, Godiva milk chocolate liqueur, coconut puree and rock candy syrup. $16

The Reese's: Three Olives Chocolate vodka, Bailey's Irish Cream, Toschi Nocello Walnut liqueur, peanut butter, chocolate syrup and whipping cream. $16

Caramel Macchiato: Three Olives Chocolate vodka, Three Olives Triple Shot Espresso vodka, Licor 43 Spanish liqueur, espresso, rock candy syrup and whipping cream. $16

Banana Mango Margarita: Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila, triple sec, banana puree, mango syrup, rock candy syrup, and sweet and sour mix. $14

The Cherry Tootsie Pop: Three Olives Cherry vodka, Three Olives Chocolate vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, cherry puree, and sweet and sour mix. $14

Sexual Chocolate: Three Olives Chocolate vodka, Toschi Fragoli Strawberry liqueur, Godiva chocolate liqueur, fresh strawberry puree, half and half and chocolate syrup. $14

Root Beer: Three Olives Root Beer vodka, Tuaca Vanilla Citrus liqueur, Licor 43 Spanish liqueur, root beer, vanilla syrup and whipping cream. $14

Grape Crush: Three Olives Purple vodka, DK Grape Pucker, crushed grape, fresh lemon sour and cranberry juice. $14
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Sugar Factory American Brasserie

3655 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV

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