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Elvis and Priscilla Presley's Six-Level Wedding Cake

This photo is straight out of 1967, when Elvis Presley and Priscilla Wagner got married at the Aladdin Hotel. At the time, Denis Martig was a pastry chef at the resort and presented the newlyweds with the six-level cake.

He describes it as follows: "The cake itself was a yellow sponge cake. Each layer was filled twice with apricot marmalade and a kirsch flavored Bavarian cream. All the layers were glazed with kirsch flavored fondant icing and decorated with royal icing and marzipan roses."

Kirsch is short for kirschwasser, a fruit brandy made from black morello cherries. I

Martig is now a pastry consultant living in Switzerland, and he reached out to Memphis Magazine to try to find the photo of him presenting the cake to the happy couple.

During the event, the bridal couple was presented to a large group of photographers in front of the wedding cake. At that time, I was introduced to the couple; we shook hands and had a brief chat. Dozens of flashlights went off precisely on that instant. Ever since that day I have been trying to get a copy of that picture.

Happen to have that photo? Shoot an email to
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Priscilla and Elvis Presley with their wedding cake at the Aladdin [Photo: Memphis Magazine]

Aladdin Hotel

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