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The Cronut Invasion Surges at Lulu's Bread & Breakfast

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Cronut mania continues in Las Vegas. First, Bread & Butter came up with its version of the hybrid of a croissant and doughnut. Now Lulu's Bread & Breakfast has its incarnation of the Cronut. The fried croissant is dusted with sugar and filled with two layers of pastry cream.

Via Facebook, Lulu's calls it "One of Those." So when you come in to order you can say, "I'll take one of those."

Back at the beginning of May, the new craze hit the bakery world. The cross between a croissant and doughnut comes rolled in flavored sugar and filled with Tahitian vanilla cream. Since Dominque Ansel debuted these labor-intensive beauties in New York City, the nation has been seized by copycats.

UPDATE: Lulu's is only making One of Those on weekends because they are so labor intensive.
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One of Those [Photo: Lulu's Bread & Breakfast/Facebook]

Lulu's Bread & Breakfast

6720 Sky Pointe Drive, Las Vegas, NV