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Mario Batali Officially Announces B&B Burger & Beer

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Mario Batali with his orange festooned Crocs. Photo: Venetian
Mario Batali with his orange festooned Crocs. Photo: Venetian

[Photos: Venetian and Eater Vegas]

As Eater Vegas reported last week, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich are opening a burger and suds joint in the former Rattlecan space at the Venetian. Batali, donning a pair of orange Crocs festooned with plumage, made the official announcement of B&B Burger & Beer at the opening of Carnevale on Saturday.

"The food will be easier to accept if you've never heard of me," Batali says of the menu. "It'll be food that you want to eat. It's food that is not about reservations. It's not about confusing terms on the menu. It's about simple delicious food made in a beautiful bar setting where you can relax, come in and get out quickly if you want, or spend a lot of time enjoying our wine list or Italian hospitality. And more significantly the reason we're all here in Las Vegas. This is the center of gastronomy. This is where things are happening, and in the entire American market, there's no more exciting place for us to be."

[Photos: Eater Vegas]

Expect the fourth restaurant with dishes that use local ingredients and a beer-driven menu that focuses on brews from Nevada and Southern California from Batali and Bastianich to open sometime this fall. The duo already have Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Carnevino and B&B Ristorante at the resorts.

The 120-seat restaurant will have a 2,000-square-foot patio with seating for 100 more facing Las Vegas Boulevard. Bright colors will be featured throughout as well as 20 televisions tuned to sports.

During the event, Batali served up The Drive-Through, burgers ground fresh daily from USDA prime Black Angus with two grilled patties, a sesame seed bun, American cheese and pickles, as well as a Nutella Shake made with vanilla ice cream, Nutella and candied hazelnuts and the Caramel Swirl made with Averna ice cream, caramel and ginger snaps.

As Batali cut the ribbon for the event, he says, "These scissors cost $273,000 at the local gift store. You can take a pair home if you are feeling really win-ny."

Here's a look at the entire B&B Burger & Beer menu:

Paidron peppers
Fried oysters
Chicken wings
Fried mozzarella

Salami, beans, provolone, oregano, vinaigrette
Local greens, goat cheese, Prosecco vinaigrette
Like A "Caesar"
Romaine, radicchio, anchovy, dressing

Vanilla ice cream, Nutella, candied hazelnuts
Bourbon Cherry
Vanilla ice cream, Bourbon cherry syrup, chocolate chips
Caramel Swirl
Averna ice cream, caramel, ginger snaps
Triple Chocolate Float
Chocolate ice cream, stout, chocolate sauce

Burgers are ground fresh daily from USDA prime Black Angus B&B Las Vegas beef
The Drive-Through
2 grilled patties, sesame seed bun, American cheese, pickles
The Really Good
Potato bun, bacon, gorgonzola, onion, Chianti mustard
The Morning After
Sautéed mushrooms, fontina, over-easy egg, truffle aioli
The Bottom Burner
Jack cheese, jalapeño pesto, onion rings, Mario's Hot Sauce
The Royale With Cheese
Grilled burger, Robiola cheese, caramelized onions, radicchio, parmigiano-mascarpone cream
The Bar Burger (your way)
6-ounce grilled or griddled

Buns: Sesame, potato, ciabatta, pretzel
Sauces: Kansas City BBQ, garlic aioli, Chianti mustard,
Toppings: Caramelized onions, heritage bacon, avocado, Hatch chili relish, pickled peppers
Cheese: Cheddar, jack, gorgonzola, fontina, some real farm-American, goat.

Pastrami: Rye bread, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut
Chicken: Pretzel roll, arugula, tomato jam, balsamic
Meat Ball: Hoagie roll, marinara, provolone
Eggplant Parmigiano: Fried eggplant, marinara, parmigiano
Kosher Hot Dog: Bun, chili, cheddar, onion
Steak: Ciabatta, cheese sauce, peppers, onions
Sausage: Hoagie roll, pepper relish
Crispy Cod: Sesame bun, slaw, jalapeño tartar
Lobster Roll: New England bun, pickled ramps

Onion rings
Cabbage slaw
BBQ beans
Macaroni salad
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