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Sneak a Peek at the Construction Inside Rx Boiler Room

A look inside at the construction at Rx Boiler Room.
A look inside at the construction at Rx Boiler Room.

[Photos: Rx Boiler Room and Facebook]

Here's a look inside at Rx Boiler Room, Rick Moonen's restaurant opening in his former RM Seafood upstairs at Mandalay Place. The more casual approach to dining serves as a lab for Moonen, where he can conjure up dishes and cocktails.

Moonen is taking a steampunk approach to dining with odes to Thomas Edison, H.G. Wells and Jules Verne throughout in the form of cogs and gears on the bar to give it a laboratory feel. He's giving lead bartender Nathan Greene beakers, flasks and barrels to create his cocktails.

Right now, the space is still in a state of construction, but when complete, look for communal dining on reclaimed wood tables, leather seating, chalkboard walls and a hammered metallic ceiling. Pub-style tables sit in the apothecary-style lounge while booth dining will feature glass art, sculptures and velvet drapes.

While Rx Boiler Room doesn't have a firm opening date, they have already hired new employees. Look for it to debut in late June.
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RX Boiler Room

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